Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
"creation of japan"(hereinafter referred to as the"site") to the handling of personal information (privacy policy) about
the operator of the Site Management Co., Ltd. creation firm (the"company") From customers, and the confidence, take the following points into consideration and personal information(identify,the as well as) to take all possible measures to protect


●compliance with laws and regulations
in our dealing with personal information,the law concerning the protection of personal information("personal information")for personal information protection laws, and this policy and adhere to it.

●Collection of personal information
personal information through false or other improper means we will not acquire.

● The purpose of such notification
the company for the purpose of use,scope of joint users, contact points and other necessary information to be specified and disclosed to obtain personal information only after receiving consent of the individual activities.

● Use of information
we will specify our purpose of use without obtaining your prior consent, and so on, or if stipulated by laws and ordinances, unless expressly or published in voice the contents of transactions and inquiries.

● Security measures
we obtained personal information accurate and up・to-date within the scope of purpose of use, we strive to keep unauthorized access, alteration,disclosure, loss, or damage, such as protect them from all the necessary and appropriate safety management measures.

● Supervision of contractors
we may process your personal information to third parties within the range of specified purposes of use may be outsourced. These third parties have enough security of the personal information to the level selected on the basis of having been confirmed such as the execution of agreements regarding protection of personal information,necessary and appropriate supervision.

● Cookies handling
cookies when using third-party corporate system that are not available to the public.

When you access our services, we collect certain technical information as follows. The company and the company acting on behalf of such service provider,log files and tracking technologies, using cookies, IP addresses, device types, mobile device identifiers, browser type, browser language, referring pages and exit pages, platform types, number of clicks,number of domains, landing pages, Page views and Page viewing order, the URL of each page,a specific page of hours browsing,application or website situation and the company's application or website to find out the date and time, and get other information, and analysis. This is our internal use,this information to the customer and the Associate there. In addition, the Company(1)for a specific page view of the presence or absence,or of opening the e-mails in order to confirm the presence or absence of Technology, (2) Specific promotional message from an existing customer to exclude,the new inflow source, identifying or any other website customers on the advertising by providing more effective advertising strike, it is possible, tracking pixels, including other techniques may also be used.

● Third parties
we may,without the consent of the individual, any undelegated third parties to use your personal information only as necessary to provide these services to us.
However, in the following cases, disclose personal information to third parties we may use.
1). And the disclosure or sharing of information with the consent of the person concerned
2). From public institutions such as the courts or the police,legal procedures, based on the disclosure when asked to
3). The person will cause injury to a third party. if it is determined
●the disclosure, correction, deletion, etc. for
our personal their personal information disclosure, correction, stoppage of introductions about products or service if you wish to make an individual can,based on rules and regulations. requirements.
● The handling of complaints
we handle the personal information quick and appropriate measures, and for development of internal system to do.
● Continuous improvement of internal system
the company is handling personal information we received for the establishment of internal regulations, employee education, proper internal audits, etc. through this policy, including revision of the company structure continued to strengthen and improve them.
● Purposes of use for the personal information collected about
our company from our customers as names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, etc. of personal information for the following purposes, and shall not use for any other purposes
1). Advertising・publicity・sales promotion activity(e-mail or direct mail,product and services, exhibitions and various events, we may use the information obtained from the visitors to our website Time.)
2). Our website concerning matters necessary for the notification (an e-mail, direct mail, etc. by the one).
3). Of goods, packing and shipping operations
4). Products and services for purchase・are available concerning the purchase and billing management, billing
5). Handling of inquiries and after-sales services such as customer support
6). Questionnaires
7). Our products and services relating to usage, usage environment, including the Customer Satisfaction Survey for
8). To exercise a right or to perform an obligation, under an agreement or law

by using our website, you consent to our Privacy Policy About
the protection of your personal information for the achievement of the purpose of,or changes in social circumstances, and in accordance with all Japanese laws and other norms of the change, the Privacy Policy applies to the. If so, the site.

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our Privacy Policy may revise from time to time. Changes to our Privacy Policy, the revised Privacy Policy latest company on the website or within the application, date apply.

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