"NEKOKIKAKU" is a 3DCG animation movie designed to activate digital contents in Aichi prefecture. A total of about 40 minutes in the meat ball trilogy, "Patball Defense Force", "Day when the meat ball is stationary", "The last day of the meat ball", and a cat full of action elements.


The event of throwing a stone at the cold Nekoi family without conversation occurs. An email that arrived at my unemployed father. "Please lend ANYATA's talent. I have a perfect job. Hourly wage 30,000." My father, who believed in that email, went to a suspicious company called "Cat Planning" for a job interview. Mukumi shows him news when Takumi begins to feel suspicious that his father will not return even after midnight. It was about cats missing one after another...

■Main characters and voice actors

Takumi Nekoi: cv.Haruka Tomatsu

Mukumi: cv.Akira Kitou

Yugami/President: cv.Tange Sakura

Father: cv.Yuji Mitsuya

■ Special appearance

Maneki Neko / Notice Narration: Atsushi SakuraiBUCK-TICK(Vo)

■Theme song

"If you are a hero"Festival nine.



Awazu Jun

■Supervised by the Nagoya dialect■
Fumiyoshi Yasuda

■ 3D modeling ■
Kamo Kaoru

■ Post-recording production ■

Yuji Mitsuya

■ Sound producer

Akira Yamaoka

■ Character costume design

Emi Takahashi

■ Motion capture cooperation ・Motion capture actor

Wataru KogaRepresentative director, Kagekida Co., Ltd.